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Traditional Wood Fired BBQ, BBQ Catering,
and Pig Roasts Done Right.

Let DJ'S Make Your Wedding, Family Reunion, Birthday,
Church Function, Backyard or Super Bowl Party Memorable in a GOOD Way!!!
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1051 Main St, Lewiston, Maine
Tel - 207-577-7522

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Tel- 207-577-7522
1051 Main St,
Lewiston, Maine
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please email

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Borracho Beans
"Borracho Beans"

1} Medium size bag pintos, soaked overnight. Try to keep at least a water level an inch above beans.
2} Two Small packages of pork salt { cubed } 1/2"
3} 3-4 fresh jalapenos " chopped "
4} 1-small bushell celintro "diced"
5} 1-med Tomato "diced"
6} 1-med Onion "diced"
7} 1-tsp cummin
8} Garlic to taste, clove or ground will do.

Im a large stock pot bring beans to a boil, add pork salt and continue to boil twenty min or so then bring down temp. cook another thirty min, add japs, maters, onion,cummin, garlic and BUDWEISER BEER. Stirring freq,
Cook another thirty minutes and add celantro and cook until beans are tender.

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